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The 2020 Aicher Award Nominations Open February 18th
The Paul and Joyce Aicher Leadership in Democracy Award nominations Process opens soon.  Be sure to check back for more information, and read more about last year's winner here...
Building a Community Change Network Through Continuous Learning
Everyday Democracy's Institute for Community Change Leaders (ICCL) Training launched in 2018 and convened again for follow up training in December 2019 in Tampa, Florida.     
2019 Paul and Joyce Aicher Leadership in Democracy Award Announced
Happy Johnson and Arthur Johnson of New Orleans, La., were selected as the winners of the 2019 Paul and Joyce Aicher Leadership in Democracy Award.  
Oklahoma State University - Tulsa signs on to Become Everyday Democracy's 8th Anchor Partner
Everyday Democracy, a national organization leading in the field of dialogue and deliberation to promote a stronger, more equitable democracy, is pleased to announce its newest “Anchor Partner.  
Engage Your Community in Dialogue for Change
Our ultimate goal is to create positive community change that includes everyone, and we believe that our tools, advice, and resources will help foster that kind of change.

Everyday Democracy's work helps communities move conversation into action and action into lasting positive change.


Create Change in Your Community


Find downloadable handouts, activities, discussion guides, and more to use in your community change efforts

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055彩的新登陆网See what’s possible when different kinds of people come together to create change

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Be Part of a National Movement


055彩的新登陆网Be part of a network of organizations that uses inclusive community engagement to address important issues


055彩的新登陆网Get the latest commentary on inclusive community engagement and relevant current events

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